Westcan 7

Are you an artist?

How are you at drawing?  Consider yourself a Picasso?   Welcome to the WestCan 7 geoart contest.

This is not geo-art where you lay out a series of caches in geometric pattern.   This is totally self created.   On your gpsr no less.   The way the contest goes is as follows.  All interested contestants will convene at the appointed time and place where they will receive instructions.   Interested spectators are also welcome and will actually play an important part later on.   The artists will clear their track log then will be free to move around in an open space for 1/2 hr while attempting to create a visual masterpiece on their gpsr.   For those of you who remember using an etch-a-sketch when you were young this is somewhat similar except you are using your gpsr.

Once time is up everyone who participated will line up their gpsr’s on a table (make sure you know which one is yours) and the interested spectators will be asked to fill out a ballot for which one they think is worth of inclusion into the National Gallery of Canada (or the local flower shop as the case may be).  Voting will be kept secret until the winners are announced.

There will be a small prize for the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) as chosen by the crowd.    And your creation will live forever on the internet once I post the pictures.

So come on out and join the fun.  It’ll be a blast.

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