Westcan 7

Meet the Organizers

The Magnificent 7 ( give or take a few)


Ever want to know what goes on behind the scenes and who is responsible for making everything work?   Here’s your chance.   These are the folks behind the planning whose hard work and dedication has enabled us to host cachers from across the country in the 7th edition of the WestCan Geocaching Mega event.   Feel free to approach any of them and let them know that you appreciate the work they all put into making the speedy Creek stampede a success.   Lets hear it for volunteers   🙂


Dan McMurtry aka dmdand3

I am Dan McMurtry and became dmdand3 on April 10, 2013. I was minding my own business visiting relatives of my wife’s in Winnipeg, on our way to a Celtic Women concert in North Dakota. He came out of the darkness (well, the basement) and loomed in the shadows (the back entrance light was not on). I had to ask, “Josh” I said, “Where are you going?” I thought he was just being polite but that was the only opening he needed, “I’m going geocaching, would you like to come along?” I thought, what harm could it do, the house was quiet and the women were doing woman stuff so I said “sure.”

Little did I know he was Stonagal, dedicated cacher, known throughout Manitoba as a man dedicated to the sport of geocaching! Carol’s cradle, GC49BMM was our destination. It had just been published, though I had no idea what that meant. By the time we got there I was intrigued, after the find I was in too deep to get out, “I knew I was going to be a geocacher”. We found another cache and by the time we got back to his house I became ‘dmdand3’ for Dan and Deb McMurtry and our 3 sons.  We cached to our concert and back. “This is awesome!” My job at the time was a lot of travelling, so it really lent itself to caching. I discovered that Swift Current had a small number of dedicated and amazing cachers. We soon found each other and good friendships developed.

Mega events? What are those? So we went. We went to 3 WestCans in a row. This was great. All these cachers, all these caches, all this awesome! But what is this, no one to host WestCan7? Penquin 99 and I look at each other, we can do this! So here we are, a bunch of small town cachers throwing a party for you. Come and see us, Have a blast at Speedy Creek Stampede.



Brenda Wilson aka Penquin99

Hi I’m Brenda Wilson or Penquin99 with a “Q”.  I started caching with my friend Marlene aka Guider49 in 2009 finding the sport through Girl Guides.

I love being outside…the price to get started with a Premium membership – $30.00

-The price of gas to get to places after we found all the ones in the city at $1.09/litre came to approx. $200.00 per caching trip if we didn’t go too far and had to stay overnight…then you can tack on another $200.00.

-Enjoying the beauty of nature and travelling hundreds of kilometers to find ‘Tupperware’ in the forest at the cost of Tupperware these days…. $50.00 per cache container.

-Finding swag and tradeable items is fun and replacing it a mere $1.50 at the Dollar Store (?)

-Meeting other geocachers who are ‘having the same kind of fun’ is PRICELESS.

I have made some wonderful friends and visited a lot of special places since really getting my feet wet in 2014 when my hubby Cec aka ‘Happy Feet’ and I experienced our first ‘child free’ holiday. BTW it poured the whole trip so out came the raingear and caching we went! It was too wet to cook and we were hungry on our first night so we asked the kind waitress to sit us in the far back corner of the restaurant…and she did. We um…caught the fever and haven’t stopped since! I am super excited to host this event as Co-Chair and am learning so much. It’s exciting to bring so many cachers together to learn and grow in this game. I hope to meet many more geocachers in Swift Current as we host Westcan7 Mega 2017 event.  We have some fun events and activities planned and are proud to showcase our Western hospitality. Can’t wait to see you there!


Darcy Rudd aka DarcoDog

My name is Darcy Rudd aka DarcoDog. I got into geocaching in 2009 when I received a GPS as a gift. I geocache for fun and stress relief. I am basically a warm weather cacher and as my stats say, I find most of my caches in July and mostly on Saturday.

For this event I am acting as Treasurer, so the money guy. I am also looking after grants and the geocoin design.

In my real job I am the Superintendent of Water Treatment for the City of Swift Current. That right, I am a water god. No wait is that consider conceited? Nah just fact.

WaterGod would be a good geocaching name. I think I will create another account in that name so nobody steals it.

Josh Bernier wrote: Ooh, sorry Darcy. Looks like ‘watergod’ found five caches in a week back in 2013 and was never heard from again. WaterGod2 is still available though.  😛

Darcy Wrote: It was a false god. Legal action pending.


Darliss Tallman aka Sidekick 101

Hi I’m Darliss Tallman and Thursday, 31 March 2016 marks the day ‘Sidekick 101’ joined the great game of Geocaching. I would likely have named myself “Madam Lady Bug” had I waited a bit but thought “yeah, Brenda what are you getting me into now!” We have worked together, led Girl Guides together and now we cache together.

I am the Secretary and will be busy filling the SWAG bags, ordering t-shirts and bags and all the rest of the jobs that come up. Can’t wait to meet a lot of great geocachers at my 2nd Mega, having attended Cold Lake last year and had an absolute blast with Penquin99.



Linda Hotchkiss aka Linda Chickies

Shortly after 22 June 2016, I was caching in a rural town not paying attention to any muggles when some silly woman honked at me and waved; then sent me a message inviting me to join her and a few others for an event at DQ.  Silly me…I went.

I love my chickens so dubbed myself, “Linda Chickies”. I cache alone to destress and with a few of the Swift Current team on geo trips. Penquin99 and I have gone on a few adventures as well getting stuck in the muck and snow…but that doesn’t stop us from signing TFTC and the adventure.

I said I would help and so far have been able to help in the Financial area as that is my job from home. I will assist this incredible group however I can and this will be my first MEGA.

Help! What am I in for?


Wayne Klein aka challenger569

Hi all. I started caching in January, 2016 being introduced to it by a fellow surveyor from our Calgary office. I found caching to be very relaxing and de-stressing. For me the fun is seeing if I can figure out where and how a cache is placed. Some were quite easy while others took more looking. I find going away from a hard one and then coming back with a fresh perspective has had good results. Most of my cache time is on weekends and holidays. I have found a few in Revelstoke, B.C. My wife Lynn is a new cacher since April and her stage name in geocaching is Garden Goddess 51.

Wayne is our Facilities Director at the event. He will be in charge of the set-up and details of the Stockade.



Ryan & Vanessa Goolevitch aka  Nezgar & Vana

Ryan & Vanessa began caching in 2009 when living in Burnaby, BC. They are now living in Regina, Saskatchewan with two young children, which has slowed down their caching. They were members of the geo-trust committee of WestCan 1, and have attended WestCan 2, 3, 5 and now 7. Ryan is our mentor and has sat in on our meetings giving us great advice. Over the past 4 years, Ryan and Vanessa have found geocaching to be a great complement to their love of travel and Ryan’s photography. They have geocached in China, which proved to be a new challenge as it is difficult to be stealthy as obvious foreigners. More recently they went on a caching road trip across the northwestern US, and later San Diego. Now they need to wait for the kids to be old enough to return to the places they visited prior to being geocachers, such as Atlantic Canada and Europe.
In efforts to promote geocaching in the province, they designed the 2011 Saskatchewan Geocoin, and Ryan maintains the Regina Geocachers website and Facebook group.  Ryan is our technical consultant and his skills have been an asset to many geocachers in the Regina area as well as to our team; he has hosted two intro to geocaching events with the Regina Public Library, and several techie events.


 Helen Edley of landsharkz

Helen has been geocaching since 2005, and has attended 12 Mega Events and been on the organizing committee, or acted in an advisory role, for 5 of them. She enjoys the challenge of coordinating large scale events, volunteer co-ordination, and helping communities use geocaching to bring experienced and new geocachers to their region. Geocaching with her husband Chris under the name ‘Landsharkz’, Helen co-owns landsharkz.ca, an e-commerce business which serves the geocaching community worldwide and sharkzcoins.ca which designs and produces custom coins for corporate and geocaching clients.


Linda Mushanski aka navyguider

I started geocaching in 2007 when I needed  an excuse to get out hiking while living in the Yukon.  Since then I have introduced many others to this great activity and have visited many interesting places and met many great people.  I have cached all of North America and have accomplished some significant milestones.  Too bad work gets in the way although holidays seem to have a geocaching factor.
I have been fortunate to have attended all WestCan Megas to date and filled a significant role at Living Skies 2014 WestCan4. I look forward to seeing old friends in Swift Current and meeting new ones.


Tom Lafleur aka graylling

My name is Tom Lafleur, in caching circles I go by graylling.  The cache bug hit me on 29 July 2002 when I discovered a link to geocaching.com on the Degree Confluence Project page.  Once I found my first cache I was hooked and have been caching ever since.   I’m not a numbers person but I do love to get out and find caches wherever I go.

In support of WestCan7, I fill the role of webmaster and take care of the web page.  I do a lot of the behind the scenes work, trying to keep everything in line so what you see is informative, accurate and up to date.

In my alter ego as onecrazycanadian I also take care of publishing caches for the event in my position as the Volunteer Reviewer for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, a role I have been filling for about 10 years now.   I started reviewing in April 2007 when the reviewers at that time felt they needed some help before they became overwhelmed. It is always interesting to meet up with people at these events and chat with people whom I interact with while performing my duties as a reviewer.

In real life I work for Westjet Airlines as a Flight Simulator Technician and Shift Lead.  I just passed my 15 year anniversary with the company.  My job is to operate and maintain the 4 flight simulators, 3 cabin trainers and 2 miscellaneous flight training devices that are used for pilot training and recurrent checks.   It’s a job that allows me the opportunity to do work in a field that has always interested me.   It also provides me with the opportunity to travel and explore the country.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the event.  🙂


Josh Bernier aka Stonagal

My name is Josh Bernier; I go by Stonagal in geocaching circles. I have been geocaching since August 2012. I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba before moving to Vegreville, Alberta in October 2015. In Winnipeg I served as Vice-President and Statistician for the Manitoba Geocaching Association. My wife and I have always loved the way geocaching enables us to explore our surroundings and get to experience things most people never will, especially as we complete earthcaches together. Speedy Creek Stampede will be my fourth WestCan mega-event, and the second for which I have served on the organizing committee.  My role is to help with social media exposure and other web-related activities. I will also be leading a workshop or two during the event. When not geocaching I work for the Government of Canada and serve as a youth leader at my church.