Westcan 7

Registration update

HI all, just a note to let everyone know that the cutoff for coins and tshirts was 31 May.  Registration for the event itself is still open until the end of June however.   You will still have the option to purchase a meal and raffle tickets with a paid registration but you wont’ be able to purchase any coins or tshirts.   This was to allow us the time needed to manufacture the coins and tshirts.   If you do want a coin there will be some regular edition geocoins available at the Landsharkz booth during the event but they will be limited in number and on a first come, first serve basis until they are gone.

So if you’re still thinking of coming, get yourself registered before the end of June.   See you there!!


  1. Maureen Walls

    We registered for the mega event mid May. We do not have a Paypal account. After some problems with making the payment, all appeared to go through and in order from our end. We have yet to receive any confirmation. We are asking for confirmation from you please. Our cache name is manymoos.
    Have booked camping site and made arrangements to meet fellow out of province geocachers and so looking forward to this awesome event!
    Maureen & Tom Walls
    Winnipeg, Mb

    1. Speedy Creek Stampede (Post author)


      I’m not sure why you would not have received a confirmation of your registration but I can confirm that it did indeed go thru and we have you on the list list being registered.


  2. Jennifer

    So it’s too late to get a GeoCoin?

    1. Speedy Creek Stampede (Post author)

      There will be some coins available at the Landsharkz booth during the event. However the number is limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. They will only be the regular type though.


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