Westcan 7

Still thinking about registering? Want some incentive?

Registered yet?   Still thinking about it?   Have we got a deal for you, an incentive even,    Check this out.

The first 250 people registered for the event will have their names tossed into a hat (or some other suitable container).   One of those names will be drawn for a chance to be refunded their registration.   Please note that this would be the cost of the registration only, not any coins, tshirts, meals or raffle tickets you might buy.   So if you had registered at the Legend level you would get $70.00 refunded to you, at the Cowhand level you would get $50.00 and at the Gunfighter level you would get $20.00 refunded.

So for all the procrastinators out there, Do you really want to miss out on a chance to get some money back?   Remember only he first 250 people registered will be eligible for the draw.   We will announce the winner at a later date once registration has closed.


  1. Farm Filly

    Can you clarify what the donations are going towards? Is it for holding the event or going elsewhere. I’m sorry if I’ve missed this info elsewhere. Thank You.

    1. Speedy Creek Stampede (Post author)

      The donations will be going toward the cost of holding the event. There are a lot of hidden costs in putting on an event this size and while registration fees will cover most them there are always some that aren’t. If you want a more definitive answer I suggest you contact the main organizers directly as I’m just the web site guy. You can email them at [email protected] and they should get back to you with a better answer.


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