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The end is coming!! (Updated)

Well not literally but I’m sure something is going to be ending soon.   In our case it’s the cutoff for buying coins and tshirts thru the website.

After 31 May, 2017, you can still register for a while but you won’t be able to purchase coins or tshirts.   The reason being is that we need the time to be able total up all the figures and place the orders so that they arrive in time for the event.

So if you are thinking of coming to the Speedy Creek Stampede and want to take advantage of the option to purchase one of our coins or a cool tshirt get registered now as you only have until the end of the month.   After that we may have some extra items on hand for sale but we can’t guarantee anything.

Update on registration, you will be able to purchase a meal until 30 Jun.   It will just be the coins and tshirts that are cut off at the end of May.

See you there!!!


  1. Nadine

    If you have a team of 2 or more and want to become a cowhand do you have to purchase 2 or more cowhands. Or can you just purchase 1 and everyone on the team can purchase a meal, and t-shirt.

    1. Speedy Creek Stampede (Post author)


      You can purchase 1 cowhand registration then as many tshirts, meals, etc as you need. The only thing will be that you will only get 1 swag bag and name tag with the registration. If you want more you would have purchase another registration.


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